I am a wine marketing and event agent 

& founder of a Japan and martial

arts trips agency

Shadow on Concrete Wall

SOPHIE ROCHE​  ソフィー   ロシュ

As solo or in partnership, I work continuously on event, tourism, marketing or management projects, related to Japan and Japanese martial arts, travel, wine and other captivating subjects.

I am the founder and websites editor of and, a travel planner organism that is co-managed with my partners in Japan.

Black belt Aikido practice started in 2010. I lived in Japan (2013-2016) in Kyoto, and traveled to around twenty countries.

I am a member of the Aikido Directing Committee of the FFAAA Champagne-Ardennes league as a Japan Referent.

I believe in collective intelligence, hard work and high standards.




+33 (0)7 83 01 68 75